14th October 2015
Green Ginger Software

Java Contractor

Green Ginger Software is based in Reading, Berkshire and provides consultancy and bespoke development services. Specialising in a combination of Java, web and database technology the principal consultant contractor, Christopher Lack, has 25 years experience in the IT industry working with a variety of technologies and companies.

Land of Green Ginger The name "Green Ginger" is derived from the name of a street in Hull called "The Land of Green Ginger". One theory for the origin of the street name is that it was the site of a factory which cured imported ginger with lemon juice. The combination of the two produced a better product, green ginger. In a similar way Green Ginger Software combines consultancy in Java, web and relational database technology to provide a complete solution.

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Sept 2013 - Now serving an insurance company remotely saving them on overheads and reducing CO2 emissions.

Oct 2011 - With a new contract to develop commercial fleet management software GGS is currently serving two multinational companies within the Thames Valley.

Jan 2011 - GGS is now developing software for a leading directories and new media company.

Oct 2010 - Green Ginger Software secured a contract to develop enhancements to a complex legal application.

Sept 2010 - GGS has successfully completed a project to develop a best practice demonstration website for an open source CMS vendor using Spring Surf and Freemarker.

Increasing Software Value

Track-record of increasing software value and reducing cost of ownership by:
  • Requirements fully met or exceeded
  • Code easier to maintain
  • Reduction in failure rate
  • Performance tuning
  • Documentation improvements
  • Methodology and process improvements
  • Monitoring tools

Britain's Brain Gain

The Professional Contractors Group believes that small companies like Green Ginger Software are able to respond quickly to the evolving needs of your business, helping it to grow in these challenging times. View their resources for engaging freelancers here... Harnessing the flexible advantage for your business
  • Payara's Enhanced GlassFish Server Gets Hazelcast Enterprise Add-on

    Payara and Hazelcast have been working on integrations for some time now.Payara Microalready has a Hazelcast integration that makes each Payara Micro process authomatically cluster with other Payara Micro processes on the network, giving web session resilience and a fully distributed data cache using Payara’s JCache support.  Today the news is that Payara has released Payara Scales to combine Payara Enterprise with Hazelcast Enterprise.

    Hazelcast is known for it's open source business model and their JCache (a JEE standard) caching layer.  According to the news release:

  • Akka Typed: First Steps With Typed Actors in Scala

    With the release ofAkka 2.4.0 a couple of weeks ago, the experimental Akka Typed module was added. With Akka Typed it is possible to create and interact with Actors in a type safe manner. So instead of just sending messages to an untyped Actor, with Akka Typed we can add compile-time typechecking to our Actor interactions. Which of course is a great thing! In this first article on Akka Typed we'll look at a couple of new concepts of Akka Typed and how you can create and communicate with Actors in this new way. The complete code used in this article can be found in thisGist.

    As always lets quickly show the SBT build file: